Learn by playing

The Passport 0,0 app is an application that seeks to test the personal skills and abilities of adolescents through a series of games. It is an educational app, with a playful approach, through which relevant information about addictions is provided, while reflecting on the positive aspects that surround the person.

To work on the prevention of addictions and In addition to the app, you can use the didactic materials that are proposed on this website.



Can you complete the letterwheel with the correct word for each definition?


Complete the puzzle to find the motivational phrase!

Guess the phrase

We’ll give you a clue and a limited time to guess the letters to complete the word. Show what you know!


Test your knowledge on addictions, the myths and general culture with this test!


Click on the words with experiences/activities that you think are positive and leave the negative ones!

More options...


Use the multiplayer option to challenge your friends!

My passport

Where will the Pasaporte 0,0 take you? Obtain stamps and discover the reserved locations!


Complete the daily challenges to receive clues and accumulate points