The project

The project

Pasaporte 0,0 is an addiction prevention campaign for teenagers, within the education for health area of the Don Bosco Federation. The campaign aims to:

Provide information
Disseminate accurate information on addictions and their negative effects.

Healthy leisure
Promote healthy leisure options

Myths about addictions
Demystification of erroneous beliefs around addictions.

Reinforce aspects of the emotional component, attitudes, beliefs and values relating to addictions.

Social media
Tackling peer pressure, developing resistance and refusal skills and fostering individual autonomy and decision making.

Personal skills
Developing generic skills for individual competence and social interaction.


To design this app, the Don Bosco Confederation decided to introduce an innovative feature because we believe the participation of young people to be fundamental. To do that we have used the scrum methodology and have invited social mediators, young people, parents, teachers and other education and prevention experts. We used participative dynamics to develop the principal lines, design ideas, games and other elements and functionalities of the app. We also relied on the help of participants and facilitators from our youth centres to test the app, mainly through the Forum for child and youth participation. We appreciate their collaboration, time and effort which has proven to be of great assistance.